Stellungnahme der IALM zum Fall Khashoggi

Stellungnahme der IALM zum Fall Khashoggi

International Academy of Legal Medicine

Official Statement

The International Academy of Legal Medicine has received the news of the brutal murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi with profound revulsion and disgust; furthermore, the news that a protagonist in the aforesaid crime may have been a Forensic Doctor with an important governmental role in his native country has left the members of the Academy both appalled and bewildered.

The Academy, founded in 1938 with the aim of furthering scientific, professional and educational progress in the fields of Legal Medicine and the Bio-Medicolegal Sciences, has always pursued and embodied the ethos of respect for individual rights and liberty, in the service of both the collective and the individual, encompassing judicial and extra-judicial truth, making great efforts in the areas of humanitarian forensic action. The Academy remains hopeful that a judicial investigation relieves the suspected individual of any involvement. In the event that his criminal involvement is established in a Court of Law, the Forensic Doctor in question must be expelled from the National and International, Professional and Scientific Community.

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